What Is The Best Weight Loss MLM Program?

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Dionne here, and I’ll be brief.   I’m a 30 something  mom wife, and telecommuting Quality Analyst who was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  Although my condition isn’t immediately life threatening, the inactivity from 14 years of sitting at home in front of a computer had taken a toll on my health and I knew a REAL lifestyle change was in order.

I needed a PROVEN way to lose weight fast, get in shape, and even though I love my job, with a double dip recession still  looming on the horizon and no economical relief in sight, it was paramount that the product I chose provide a realistic way for me to get paid NOW and build a monthly residual income substantial enough to create a “job optional” lifestyle by sharing my experience with others like me.

Faced with a ton of on line hype machines, I knew had my work cut out.

My quest began easily enough. I was looking for the best weight loss mlm program money could buy so I simply typed the key words ” best weight loss mlm program ” into the boxes located on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I repeated this on Facebook, YOU Tube, Twitter, G+ and every other social networking site on which I had an account then, lo and behold, millions of offers were cued up and lay waiting in the lurches to provide me with  exactly what I was already looking for.

Anyone trying to make REAL money on line should really pay attention to what I just said above and fully understand the small secret soon revealed.

Knowledge is power so, if you don’t get it on the first pass, “Don’t Be Alarmed! Read it. Reread it. then read it again until you have dominion over the raw marketing power contained within the few lines of text below as fully grasping the subtle depth of this simple mantra will immediately reveal the simple truth forever compelling you to take action that guarantee your marketing success.

How long it takes you to understand this is not important however, it is paramount that you understand it before delving further into this website because what you are about to experience, if you are so fortunate, while not a get rich quick scheme, is an application of simple duplication, speed, and repetition that — once set it motion — works mind numbingly fast.

What I’m saying is, “Take as long as it takes.”

Meditate on it for a few days and if you still don’t get it simply realize that moneymaking success is not possible for you at this time.

Keep your Day Job!


The Moneymaking Mantra


YOUr on line moneymaking success has very little to do with what YOU want, what YOU are selling or what YOU HOPE and WISH people will buy.

It’s about THEM — the customers.

Have what THEY are already looking for, offer it with more value than THEY can possibly find anywhere else, then take actions that make it easy for THE Masses to locate YOU and YOU never have to worry about selling.

Simply direct, those who ask, to your marketing websites where they can purchase what they already want and are looking fo…through YOU.

Affiliate marketing success is that simple.  Add to this the small step of passing along a proven set of instructions that does the 3 things below…

1.  Enables those who join you to Immediately duplicate your success.

2.  Quickly perpetuates the same  success to those who join them and

3.   Eliminates freebie seekers, tire kickers and others doomed for failure by encouraging them to go anywhere else, except through your marketing sites!

 And you have a successful MLM machine that pays you for life. 


You see. Nobody had to sell me a thing because I – armed with credit card in hand – was already looking. I never made it past page 3 of any search.

After combing through, what seemed like, hundreds of bizops, all claiming to be the best company with the best weight loss products and the best success rates and mlm pay plans on the planet, I  narrowed the field of candidates down to 4 solid prospects.

Who, do you think, earned my business?

Can the best weight loss program truly come via an MLM company?  Are their claims to help you lose weight in no time valid or is it just a bunch of hype?

Usana — Great company with good products but it has already exited its momentum phase.  Start up cost is well within the acceptable range but the binary model and a hefty $350 – $600 monthly for the recommended 3 business center success plan make USANA  just a little too old school for easy online marketing success and not  ” the best weight loss mlm program”

Herbalife — good products but the $2,300 – $2,900 REAL start up cost required to earn residual income ensures high turnover and practically guarantees a lower than normal success for new distributors.

Visalus — Other than the excessive number of shiny balls on the marketing website and the fact that Visalus uses a 3 by 9 forced matrix — which newcomers like but me “not so much” ( it is a balanced compression matrix which somewhat eases the sting) —  I can honestly say there is not much I would change about Visalus Sciences.

Vemma– first of all — oh what beauty.  The product line is Soooooooooo Pretty and, on the surface, Vemma appears very similar to Visalus.

Could Vemma be the best weight loss MLM program in the land?

==> the Truth may just Suprise you! <== 

NEXT UP:  Dionne Puts VEMMA on the HOT SEAT

See ya Soon 

What Is The Best Weight Loss MLM Program?

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