Top 10 MLM Companies for 2013

If you spend anytime at all over at, you’ve probably realized that companies come and go faster than you can say “ground floor opportunity”. when you hang your hat on a new company, you are really putting your personal stamp of approval on this group, so it’s really not something you want to take lightly.

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Last year, I talked about why your company really isn’t as critical as everyone says it is. Sure, a really crappy opportunity can cost you thousands of dollars, but when you’re talking about quality, reputable companies, if you happen to be a MLM Rock Star, it doesn’t matter if you’re part of the #1 company, or the #10 company, both of them can make you a tremendous amount of money.

Likewise, if you’re not willing to sacrifice for an extended period of time, you’re not going to ever earn a full time income.  You can be an average rep in an extraordinary company and still be broke. Average doesn’t cut it. if you’re going to earn an exceptional income, you need to be an exceptional marketer, an exceptional blogger, an exceptional copywriter building an exceptional team. Get it?

Ok, as I’m writing this, I’m looking forward to 2013, and so obviously we don’t really know what the top companies will be in 2013 yet, but here is a list of some companies to watch:

The best MLM Companies for 2013

(Based upon Interest)

  1. Avon
  2. Beachbody
  3. Mary Kay Cosmetics
  4. Herbalife International
  5. Pampered Chef
  6. Amway
  7. Melaleuca
  8. Thirty-One
  9. Scentsy
  10. Zeek Rewards

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Top 10 MLM Companies for 2013

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