Online Home Careers Scam

The Ryan Stephens Online Home Careers scam is a typical lead product for boiler rooms operating out of Florida. I’ve seen hundreds of them from both Florida & Utah – states that have taken boiler room scams to a new level of pyschopathy – taking thousands of dollars from any vulnerable group of people they can find – including the elderly, disabled, or people who’ve recently lost their job.

As usually, I’ve documented this whole scam in multiple ways, including video recordings.

Lets Start With their Useless Refund Policy

Online Home Careers claims to have a 365 day refund policy. well – that’s true if they don’t decide to change it and NOT tell you (by the way)…

Here’s what it says (you’ll only find it at the bottom of the order page):

“we reserve the right to modify this Refund Policy at our discretion, or against any customer it believes is abusing this policy. any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately following the posting of the revised Refund Policy on the website.

You agree to periodically review our websites, including the current version of our Refund Policy. Our refund policy is made available on our websites. It is your obligation to review our refund policy for any such revisions.”

Uh, no thanks. I think I’ll pass.

Fake “Guaranteed Security” Site

If you click on the order page of the Online Home Careers site, you’re greeted with a popup that looks like this:

Which has the following text underneath:

“Websites displaying these seals on their site are a reflection of trustworthiness. Guaranteed Security is a third-party assessment company that substantiates Website Legitamacy, Website Security, and most of all Consumer Safety.

The Guaranteed Security seal only appears when the site has passed our intensive verification process.”

Uh. since they own the site the popup is on, that’s kind of like a scammer saying, “I promise I won’t scam you. really. I checked myself out.”

If you want me to show you how I know the whole security seal operation is a sham, let me know in the comments section and I’ll show you.

Here’s what will Happen Next

I can tell you exactly what’s going to happen in the comment section of this post – it happens almost every time:

1. You’ll probably see some idiot shill from the Online Home Careers boiler room come here and try to do one of the following:

  • Pretend like they’re a customer who loves the system.
  • Ask how can I know it’s a scam if I haven’t “tried their product” (Answer: I get tons of emails and comments from people who have been ripped off by products like this.

2. Then I’ll show them information about some of the cases I helped Federal Law Enforcement with along with references to help I’ve given to other entities – non profits, news media, etc.

3. They’ll leave and never come back.

If they do come back, don’t worry. I have plenty of backup ammunition (research and documentation) to shut them up.

Online Home Careers Scam

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