MLM Training – How To Convince People That Your Business Is Professional

Often times, prospects can be quick to the draw and exclaim, Is this one of those pyramids? or Network Marketing doesn’t work before you even have a chance to tell them about your great products or business. Here’s some solid MLM training and scripts you can use to logically and professionally get your prospects past the MLM objection.

In this article you will learn how to convince your prospects that your MLM business is real and professional, and not just a pyramid or a scam. and then we’ll conclude with some MLM training scripts you can use to guide your conversations when a prospect has an objection about network marketing.

To help guide this conversation I’ve created a flow chart to assist you. I recommend you print it out and refer to it while reading this MLM training article, and also refer to it while making prospecting calls. Download it from here:

MLM or network marketing questions or objections will come to you by your prospect asking, Is this MLM? Is this Network Marketing? or, Is this one of those pyramids? or, Is this like Amway, Mary Kay or some other company?

This question/objection comes up from the prospect being previously exposed to MLM/Network marketing or by hearing about it through someone such as a friend, family member or from the media. to properly handle this objection – if it is an objection – you’re going to do what you always do on a question or objection and that is to find out what their experience has been. Many times they’ve had none, all their information is hearsay.

If they have had a bad experience with MLM, the only way to get beyond this objection is to guide them to see that their bad experience or lack of success was because of insufficient MLM training. even if the company they were involved with went out of business, the reason is still lack of effective MLM training – in that case it would have been poor training on how to evaluate a company.

So, to summarize how to handle the MLM objection you first must find out what their experience has been, and then guide them to realizing that their lack of success or bad experience was due to poor training.

Now if they’ve never been involved with network marketing and all their information is hearsay, follow the same procedures. you take each issue they bring up and show them how proper MLM training solves it. obviously if they bring up that it’s illegal, you would handle that by having them watch Brilliant Compensation. I’ve never gotten a pyramid objection after the prospect has watched the Brilliant Compensation video.

To help guide you through this procedure – refer to the downloaded flow chart while you read this:

Prospect asks, Is this MLM?

Yes it is MLM – how do you know of MLM (pyramid, Amway, Mary Kay)?

Could you clarify what you mean by MLM (pyramid, Amway, Mary Kay)?

Then the next important question is, do you have personal experience with an MLM company or are you referring to someone else’s experience?

Many times you don’t have to ask this because they would have answered it within their response to your first question. but make sure you know. I can’t tell you how many times I went diving into handling this objection before I found out that they had never even been involved in it. If they have not been involved, but have a negative view of the industry you must present FACTS about the industry.

If they have had experience with network marketing, you want to let them fully tell you their experience – acknowledge everything they say – never argue or disagree with them. never talk badly about another company or upline. once you have all the information, then proceed with this question:

Does network marketing work.not for you, not for anyone you know.just does it as an industry work? (Get their response.)

Then ask, what do you think it takes for it to work for an individual? and from here you must guide them to training. Really try to have them see and state that training is the only obvious solution. Try not to TELL them this, guide them to it and get them to realize and state it on their on. Remember, if you say it – it can be challenged; if they say it – it must be true.

Alright, once they agree that effective MLM training is the solution, explain to them the advantage they will have with your unique training (I do recommend you discuss what you’ve learned with Professional Inviter because this is very different training than most have ever received in network marketing and it is truly what they need). NOW, YOU MUST GET THEM TO SEE HOW THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT THAN THE LAST TIME OR TIMES THEY WERE INVOLVED WITH MLM.

If they do not see how it’s different, they won’t join you. After you’ve gotten them to agree that training is the solution and yours is different – then you close to action with something like:

Mark, I want to sit down with you and show you how it’s different. I want to show you the training tools that are now available to you. are you open to sitting down?
An alternative would be:

Mark, everything you’ve brought up here I totally understand and can see how it left a bad taste in your mouth – the video that I’d like to send you will really help with this – it’s done by a Marketing Professor who teaches network marketing at a university and someone very successful at it. the video is not from our company, it’s just about the industry. It really explains everything very clearly without any hype. let me send this to you, you watch it and then we’ll talk more about it.

Sometimes their experience was bad because the company went under or the company wouldn’t allow them to return the products they ordered or something similar. After making everything they say valid, respond with:

I can understand how that was a bad experience for you. and I’m sorry you had that experience.but moving forward, it’s kind of like working as an employee for a bad company – doesn’t mean you never work again just because you had a bad experience. Does that make sense to you? or, like eating a bad meal – doesn’t mean you stop eating just because of a bad meal. right?

If they ask the question about pyramids – Is this one of those illegal pyramids? answer with:

Absolutely not. Pyramids are illegal. I wouldn’t waste my time or yours on something illegal. what I’m discussing is a legitimate business.

(Return to whichever step on the Inviting Formula you were on prior to this question). Make sure you get them to see Brilliant Compensation as it does a much better job at fully handling this objection than you can on your own.

Alright, these MLM training ideas should help you handle the MLM objection. I’ve tried many different methods and this one works consistently and is the absolute truth

The truth is, the MLM objection is very common and if you haven’t heard it yet, hang tight because it’s bound to surface sooner or later. but the good news is, now you’re prepared and know how to handle these common prospecting questions.

MLM Training – How To Convince People That Your Business Is Professional

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